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Cadac TheModus software

Gain total control of your BIM process


Use TheModus Software with Autodesk Revit

Building information modelling, or BIM (the process of modelling building information), is one of the most impactful innovations in the history of the building industry. It brings many benefits and opens up many possibilities. The Revit software from Autodesk already largely facilitates BIM workflows, and TheModus software from Cadac does the rest!

In BIM the correct roles need to be assigned to the right people and the entire workflow needs to be effectively facilitated from start to finish. The basis for this is formed by the use of smart building components, rules-based processes and the availability of consistent information. You need to review this information to ensure you are fulfilling the customer's requirements as precisely as possible: easily, accessibly and directly, in the Revit graphics. Get more control over your BIM models and the BIM process with TheModus!