I want to know how a subscription licence works.

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After making your purchase you will receive an e-mail from Autodesk with a link to the Autodesk Account log-in page.

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Logging in to your Autodesk Account

Once you have logged in to your account as a contract manager, you will see two options at the top of the page:

  • Profile.
  • Management.

The page you are on is always the one underlined in blue. Clicking on ‘Management’ will open a list of all your ‘Products & Services’. In the menu on the left you can search for specific software, downloads, trial versions you are using, etc.

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Checking and generating users

Click the links on the ‘Users’ icon to go to the ‘Manage Users’ tab.

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If the user is not yet shown, click on ‘+ Add’ and enter the requested information. 

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Gebruikers toegang geven tot de software

Note: If you have purchased a multi-user licence, there is no need to link the licence to the user and you do not need to swap users, as with the single-user principle.

The licence file defines how many licences can be used simultaneously.

Single-user: if the user has already been added or already exists, click on ‘Edit Access’ on the right

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Then click on ‘Products & Services’ at the top.

Now click on the product description with the associated contract number. The number of ‘Seats Available’ indicates how many more times you can assign this licence. Click on ‘Assign’ at the far right and then on ‘Save’ to give the user permission to use this licence.


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The user can now enter the serial number and the associated product key and activate the software.

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