Cadac Store Affiliate Program

Cadac Store is more than just a webshop. Cadac Store is the ”face” of our chain integration between Autodesk, distributors, Autodesk Partners and the customer. By automating communication between all the parties involved, delivery times can be minimised and parties will have the same, up-to-date information on prices, order information, promotions, subscription contracts and expiry dates. This far-reaching integration is unique in the “Autodesk world”.

As the only Dutch Autodesk Platinum Partner, Cadac Group is a pioneer in this area. We believe that this enables us to offer the best service at the very price. Our basic prices are always competitive and, with an additional customer-specific loyality discount, our customers can always be sure of getting the very lowest price.

More demanding Autodesk accreditation requirements

Autodesk will be imposing more demanding accreditation requirements on its partners from the 2018 financial year. Increasingly, we are seeing it is the bigger players with greater investment capabilities who are in a position to operate as Autodesk Partners. The investment required may be beyond the means of some Autodesk Partners or may not be economical. Cadac Store has introduced the Affiliate Program specifically for those Autodesk Partners who, above all, want to continue providing services, such as installations, implementations and training.

Get involved and become part of the Cadac Store Affiliate Program

Cadac Store Affiliate Program enables Affiliate partners to continue their Autodesk software activities by fulfilling only the minimum Autodesk requirements. Affiliate Partners will point their customers in the direction of Cadac Store or select products themselves to offer to their own customers. The Affiliate Partner will be able to see all their customer's transactions in relation to quotations, order status and compensation, etc. 

We are seeking a limited number of Affiliate partners with Autodesk Partner status in the regions where Dutch, English (UK) and German (DACH) is spoken. 

To express your interest, contact 

Bert Assen, Sales Director Cadac Store
Tel.: +31 88 9322 362