Autodesk licence management for contract managers

Instantly get a clear overview of all Autodesk and Cadac software licences in your organisation. Intuitively manage all licences, subscriptions and therefore your software investment. Having a ‘My Cadac Store’ account makes it easier than ever to manage, buy and extend Autodesk and Cadac licences.

Perfect clarity with Cadac

You and your colleagues appreciate being able to use the powerful design capabilities in Autodesk and Cadac software. However, the registration and administration of software programs is not always a simple matter. Cadac understands the complexity of the Autodesk licensing system better than most. Having a My Cadac Store account is the simplest solution to give your more visibility, so you can see what licences you have, and you can clearly see what you do and do not need. Creating an account couldn't be easier.


Creating a My Cadac Store account

To manage your software licences effectively you need a clear view of what licences you have. A ‘My Cadac Store’ account is the ideal way to do this. The benefits of creating an account are clear.

  • Clear visibility into your Autodesk licences
  • Manage, buy or extend your design software for the best price
  • Get started faster. Creating a My Cadac Store account couldn't be easier: enter your e-mail address and choose a password.


Service, support and service again

It's fair to say licence management for your Autodesk software is not always a straightforward matter. Multi-user, single user, term? Seats, named accounts? What makes the ideal package? Our service staff are on hand to help you choose the right subscription, as well as for installation support, maintenance issues and all queries about using the software.

Instant savings with My Cadac Store

Not only does creating an account in My Cadac Store help you view and manage your licences clearly, it also gives you instant savings on your account. Every licence you buy using your My Cadac Store account gives you a 1% discount. Your discount can soon add up, depending on the term and number of licences you have.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter through your account, giving you and your colleagues attractive offers for software, events and workshops from Cadac, so you get the absolute maximum out of your design work.


The Cadac Store Licence Check

The Cadac Store Licence Check keeps all your licences in one place so you can check it quickly and easily when you need to. To get the most out of the system it's best to add your current licences, including those not purchased through Cadac, to My Cadac Store.

Autodesk has a special service that collates all your licence codes, called Autodesk License Report. To use this service you should submit a request to Autodesk. Requests are processed manually by Autodesk so you may need to allow a bit of extra time. We give you the option to then upload the Autodesk License Report to My Cadac Store. Click here for the Autodesk License report request form.


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Ordering, cancelling or extending

In Cadac Store we like to make things easy for you. So, you will find ordering, cancelling or extending licences is easier than you may have been used to in the past. Of course, we need to keep to our obligations under our contracts, but we will be happy to help you put together the most favourable package of licences for your Autodesk and Cadac software.


Saving with licence management

By having a clear overview in My Cadac Store and relying on the experience of our experts, you can deploy your existing licences better and more efficiently, and thus save money. It's useful to the look at the types of licence being used in your organisation and whether these are ideal for your purposes. There are significant differences between single user licences and multi user licences.


For questions about this service,
Please contact a member of our service team.

The benefits of purchasing all your licences from a single expert source

Discounts, speed, service and always on the ball. Enjoy the benefits of buying all your software from the same consultant or reseller. Cadac Store is part of CadacGroup. We are a Platinum Partner and the biggest reseller of Autodesk in Benelux. Gaining this title is no mean feat. The requirements are extremely demanding, everything has to be the best of the best: financial stability, service and expertise. But, above all, customer satisfaction.


Why it makes sense to buy your licences from a Platinum Partner

Our Platinum Partner status gives us a high degree of purchasing power, enabling us to offer the best prices. This is particularly true if you have all your licences with us: the rolling discount soon adds up. Additionally, we have more than 30 years' experience and plenty of experts and consultants who will help you get the best out of amazingly powerful software programs. Additionally, Cadac has developed a host of add-ons and stand-alone applications to support the management and sharing of your digital designs. This means you get the maximum out of your design software every day of the week.