BIM 360 Design - 25 User Pack

Discover the advantages of BIM 360 Design. BIM 360 Design enables team members from different disciplines and locations to access Revit models. Collaborate easily, efficiently and cost-effectively with Autodesk BIM 360 Design.

Get access to up-to-date models and communicate in real-time with your team. This way, you make better informed and faster decisions.

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Product description BIM 360 Design - 25 User Pack

About BIM 360 Design

Benefit form the advantages of real-time Revit cloud worksharing and design collaboration. Boost your project results with Audtodesk BIM 360 Design. BIM 360 Design enhances your efficiency and productivity, reduces rework and accelerates project-delivery.

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Design your project with BIM 360 Design

We also offer BIM 360 Design licenses for single, 100 or 1000 user(s).

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