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Cadac NXTdim software

Cadac NXTdim Suite helps you achieve time savings, increase productivity and reduce drawing office errors. As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we have all the expertise in-house to develop the ideal tools for the best design programs so as to optimise your engineering processes.


Work faster and more efficiently in Autodesk Inventor

The Cadac NXTdim Suite incorporates add-ons and applications that work seamlessly with Inventor Suite. NXTdim Inventor automates many recurring design, printing and publishing tasks that are part and parcel of the design process. NXTdim Content Center and NXTdim Desktop Content contain additions to the standard Autodesk Inventor content (standard libraries), including Dutch descriptions and the most common materials.

NXTdim Configurator helps you work more efficiently with standard Inventor models that can be configured for each order using the handy data entry forms where all parameters and options for the model can be specified.