Autodesk CFD Motion 2016

Autodesk software provides flexible, fast and accurate computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools in the form of CFD Motion 2016. CFD Motion contains the complete range of tools developed by Autodesk in this area, making it the most comprehensive CFD software you can get. It is the only CFD program that has functionalities for analysing ‘solid body motion’ and, as such, is ideally suited for designing moving materials.

Powerful Autodesk simulation software helps you to improve designs, predict product performance and validate the behaviour of designs, significantly reducing the number of physical prototypes needed.

When you purchase a licence for Autodesk CFD Ultimate 2019, you also have the right to use the 2016 version. This is the only way, in the new licensing structure, to "buy" CFD Motion 2016 (further information on licensing).


CFD Motion: See the software range here