AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2016

All the design and visualisation tools you need

This suite incorporates all the design and visualisation tools you need in a single complete package. AutoCAD Design Suite 2016 offers a winning combination of effective and flexible AutoCAD software with very user-friendly sketching, design, visualisation and presentation tools suitable for users at all levels.

The programs in this edition of the AutoCAD Design Suite are fully interoperable, so there is no need to duplicate geometry or convert data. The functionalities of the Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite contain intuitive and proven solutions for conceptual design, sketching, presentation and visualisation in a single comprehensive package.

Beginning 1 August 2016, this suite will no longer be available for purchase. When you purchase a licence for the Architecture Engineering Construction Collection 2019, you also have the right to use the AutoCAD Design Suite. This is the only way, in the new licensing structure, to "buy" AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2016 (further information on licensing).


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